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St. Claraspital, established in 1928 in Basel, Switzerland, is a private acute care hospital with 210 beds. Certified with ISO 9001-2015 and accredited by the German Cancer Society, the hospital annually admits over 11,600 patients and treats around 50,000 on an outpatient basis.

Offering specialized services in urology, cardiac surgery, internal medicine, general medicine, and more, St. Claraspital operates a large tumor center, the University Abdominal Center, and a 24*7 emergency department. Affiliated with the University of Basel, it serves as a teaching and research hospital.

Notably, the Claraspital Bariatric Center, functioning for over 30 years, stands as the largest bariatric surgery center in North Switzerland, providing expertise in various medical disciplines including oncology, radiology, palliative care, urology, and visceral surgery.

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