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Iranian Hospital

Iranian Hospital

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The Iranian Hospital, established in 1970 on land donated by Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, is the oldest healthcare provider in Dubai's Jumeirah region.

It embodies the international values of the Red Crescent Society, operating as a non-profit organization with a charity orientation. The hospital strives to foster collaboration between Iran and the UAE, delivering premium healthcare services to the community.

Founded on principles of quality and excellence, the Iranian Hospital boasts a team of highly trained professionals in medical, nursing, and para-clinical services. Committed to the latest standards of healthcare excellence, personalized services with a patient and family-centered approach are prioritized.

Initiatives include Discharge Follow-Up care, patient and family training programs, and active involvement in clinical safety programs, all designed based on valuable patient and family feedback. This dedication reflects our commitment to providing the best possible healthcare experience as we continue to grow in the region.

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